Our Story

Separation Scientific SA (Pty) Ltd was established in 1987. The Sep Sci Head Office is located at 1480 Cranberry Street, Honeydew, Johannesburg 2170, South Africa, with representation in Durban, Cape Town, Eastern Cape,  Mozambique and Mauritius. Separation Scientific (Pty) Ltd SA, Sep Sci HVD, DTS, and Cellonex are referred to collectively as Sep Sci.  Sep Sci is an importer and exporter, involved in the sales, marketing, commissioning, servicing, supply of Diagnostic, Industrial Science, and Life Science products. Sep Sci sources products from various manufacturers around the globe.

Sep Sci offers a broad product portfolio of innovative instrumentation and consumables for Medical, Academic, Analytical, Biotechnology and Research Facilities. Supported by technical expertise for the maintenance and servicing of instrumentation, Sep Sci is your total laboratory solution provider!

Diagnostic Technical Services(DTS) is a proudly South African company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing medical devices such as diagnostic kits and reagents for pathology and research use. As a member of the Sep Sci Group, DTS offers innovative instrumentation and consumables for medical, academic, analytical, biotechnology, and research facilities. DTS provides a range of services, including indirect immuno-fluorescence for autoimmune, parasitic, and infectious diseases. The services also include buffers, reagents, and conjugates. DTS offers technical expertise for the maintenance and servicing of instrumentation to ensure the smooth running of facilities. If you’re looking for reliable and innovative solutions for your medical and research facilities, DTS is the company to trust. 

Cellonex, the only cell line repository in Africa, is dedicated to providing high-quality Cell Culture Technology products to local and regional research institutions. With over three decades of experience, Cellonex has the technical expertise, reliability, and customer friendliness to provide cost-sensitive solutions to laboratories of all sizes. Whether you need adherent or suspension cell cultures, frozen or ready-to-use flasks of live cells, or hands-on cell culture training courses, Cellonex has you covered. They also offer a range of mammalian cell lines for research purposes and manufacture viral transport media. Innovation is at the heart of everything Cellonex does, with a focus on meeting client needs while maintaining cost-effectiveness and quality. Cellonex is the go-to source for cell culture technology products and services.




Why choose us?

Sep Sci is Committed to Customer Service. Service excellence is ingrained in every one of our customer support personnel. Our service level agreements are tailored to meet every customer’s needs. All our Engineers are fully qualified and certified. All our service equipment is serviced annually by a SANAS accredited provider.

Why We Do It

Our passion for our products gives us purpose. Our dedication to our customers keeps us committed

Sep Sci Founder

Mr. Greg Northfield – Group CEO

Greg Northfield is the founder and Group CEO of the Sep Sci Group of Companies. With a background as a Medical Technologist in Clinical Pathology and a specialization in Microbiology and Parasitology, Greg was ideally positioned to focus on the Laboratory Diagnostic market when starting Separation Scientific in 1987. Having gained extensive experience over the years in the Biosciences, Analytical, and Life Sciences fields, Greg has been instrumental in growing Sep Sci’s product portfolio to support all medical, academic, industrial, biotechnology, and research centres.

Sep Sci was created with the vision of being a healthcare and industrial science-related supplier, dedicated to supplying high-quality products to its customers. After thirty-seven years at the helm, Greg has guided the Sep Sci Group’s expansion into sub-equatorial Africa with daughter companies in neighbouring countries and activities throughout the continent. Boasting a customer base that includes pathology laboratories, blood banks, hospitals, pharmacies, research laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers, mining laboratories, petrochemical laboratories, food and beverage industries, and others, Sep Sci is well on its way to realizing this vision. Sep Sci has also acquired various laboratory goods manufacturing companies and produces South African-made laboratory products aimed at the developing economies markets of the world.

Beyond Sep Sci, Greg is a founder member of SALDA and has served as an executive committee member for most of the 22 years of SALDAs’ existence, also served for 5 years as Chairman and more than 5 years as the Treasurer, a responsibility which he continues to perform till today. Greg also represented SALDA on the SAMED Board for some time. Greg was also a founding member of AfricaBio, an NGO advocacy entity focused on the development and implementation of Biotechnology solutions, and later became a Director and the finance officer of AfricaBio.  Sep Sci now operates as a group of 8 subsidiaries operating under the group name of Sep Sci Group.

6 Reasons for us to work together

Clients become friends

We have a very good working relationship based on mutual respect, trust and understanding. We are always willing to take time to not only understand the needs of your business but your vision and aspirations as an individual, which are very important in establishing truly lasting successful relationships.

We’re 100% Independent

As a company, we take our responsibility to our clients 100% seriously. Our independence is a key factor in building trust and lasting business relationships. We are proud to be an independent company and believe it sets us apart from the rest. Our commitment to independence ensures that we always put our clients’ needs first. Thank you for trusting us with your business.

We know how to celebrate

Are you looking to achieve your goals while still enjoying the fruits of your labor? We understand the importance of hard work and taking the time to celebrate success. Let us work with you towards achieving your goals so we can celebrate together.

We’re diligent

We believe that working smart is better than working to hard which is why we ensure that we work with diligence with every single one of our task.

We’re talented

We stand by our work ethic which is why we can humbly say that we are extremely talented.

We’re intelligent

Intelligent ideas and new thinking is how we choose to work, we like to be creative and to get the reward for doing so at the end of the day.