Customer Services Team

Our objectives are to:

  • Deliver excellent customer service, by responding to our customer’s needs and requirements, in a timely, courteous manner
  • To resolve any issues to a high standard within set time scales
  • To provide a friendly and efficient service, using our own fully trained service engineers

The customer support division specializes in the service and maintenance of the following range of equipment:

General Laboratory: Vortex Mixers, Shakers, Pipettes, Water Systems Balances, Centrifuges

Life Sciences: Counters, Spectrophotometers, Automated Elisa Systems

Industrial Sciences: Mass Spectroscopy systems, Thermal Equipment, Inorganic Instruments, Chromatography Systems, Spectrometers

Medical DiagnosticsChemistry & Haematology Analysers, Microbiology Instruments; Liquid Based Cytology and Diabetes Testing Equipment


Sep Sci is Committed to Customer Service. Service excellence is ingrained in every one of our customer support personnel.


Our service level agreements are tailored to meet every customer’s needs. All our engineers are fully qualified and certified


All our service equipment is serviced annually by a SANAS accredited provider.

Mobile Support

We offer our support not just in-house but externally too. This is why if every you need service support we are always pleased to help you, where ever you may be.


We find that doing business in the fields we specialize in keep us on the move. This is why we focus on motion and the motion of moving you forward towards a better tomorrow.


We offer training material on this very website for all your required training videos or documents. Just take a look around and if you can’t find something online just send us an enquiry  and we will gladly help.


Understanding our analytics is a new concept to our organization, be we intended to give more details towards the use and requirements of our clients to enhance our service delivery.


We pride ourselves on the quality service we supply, be it servicing of your equipment to the services we offer, we gladly and boldly offer great service.

Custom Solutions

We cater for several different fields across a wide variety of services, that is why we offer custom designed solutions, to offer you the best service around


The technology we service and distribute is extremely advanced and sometimes you need more information on the operational use of the Technology that is why we proudly offer the service of customer support and training manuals


Our social engagement is a huge part of us offering the best possible service in each field we are involved in. Our network is always expanding and that’s why we are committed to investing time towards our social responsibilities