Compact GC4.0 Base Unit Single PPD with Chromeleon SW By GAS Equipment

GAS Equipment

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Reliable, fast and easy to use: CompactGC4.0


If you look at gas-analysis from a laboratory point of view, you would use a traditional “GC with valve-oven” because of its reliability. If you look at it from a process-controller’s “need-for-speed” angle, a micro GC would be the preferred choice. If you look at it in a smart way: you would not compromise, but rather opt for the new CompactGC4.0!

Being a hybrid technology design, the 19″ CompactGC offers you the best from both worlds; it delivers reliable answers fast. Its draft ensures the highest level of robustness and therefore the most cost-efficient micro GC analysis available today. Click for more information or download the brochure.

CompactGC4.0 from GAS is the best and most versatile MicroGC available. It provides Fast GC applications with highly reliable results. Results that you can use to improve the quality of your products, reduce the risk of accidents and contaminated gasses, and generally improve the efficiency of you process. Read on to discover the many benefits of CompactGC4.0.