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Sepsci Laboratory Rentals (Pty) Ltd


Sepsci Laboratory Rentals is a dedicated entity whose sole focus is the provision of equipment rental facilities to selected Sep Sci Group clients that require medium to long term equipment supply and servicing agreements.

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What type of rental agreement is this?

Off Balance Sheet operating rental agreement from 36 to 60 months that may be a “stand alone” agreement or an agreement linked to the supply of reagents over the agreement period.

Why do I need this?

Sep Sci Group clients that, primarily, have the need to, Operate but not own the equipment, Defer the capital cost of the equipment, Have the ability to “upgrade” the equipment when applicable, Link the equipment to the provision of maintenance or supply of reagents and Allocate the cost of equipment to an expense as opposed to capital budget.

How do I Qualify?

Prospective clients will need to:

  • Meet our standard credit criteria
  • Enter into the agreement for the term agreed to and approved by the parties

Can I upgrade at a later date?

Each and every client has their own unique needs, therefore it is advisable that we view each potential client’s position and put together the most relevant and suitable package to suit their specific requirements, both from an operational and financial perspective.

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