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Sep Sci is an importer and exporter, involved in sales, marketing, commissioning, servicing and supply of laboratory products. Sep Sci sources laboratory products from various manufacturers around the globe.

Sep Sci offers a broad product portfolio of innovative laboratory instrumentation and consumables for medical, academic, analytical, biotechnology and research laboratories supported by technical expertise for the maintenance and servicing of instrumentation.


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Services we offer


Sep Sci is committed to Customer Service. Service excellence is ingrained in every one of our customer support personal. Our service level agreements are tailored to meet every customer’s needs. All our engineers are fully qualified and certified. All our service equipment is serviced annually by a SANAS accredited provider

General Laboratory: 100%
Life Sciences: 100%
Industrial Equipment: 100%
Medical Diagnostics: 100%
Service One: 100%
Service Two: 90%
Service Three: 80%
Service Four: 100%

What We Do

Medical Diagnostics

S ep Sci’s Medical Diagnostic division offers cost effective solutions to assist in the modern medical laboratory. We supply instruments, reagents and consumables in a range of disciplines including microbiology, haematology, immunology, serology, chemistry, molecular diagnostics, point of care and pre-laboratory work. The portfolio within the diagnostic division provides a comprehensive test menu to aid in the diagnosis of disease states such as cancer, Anemia, T.B, Infectious Diseases, autoimmune and metabolic disorders. We guarantee performance with our range of premium quality products backed up by experience, technical and educational support

Life Science

S ep Sci’s focus on the Life Science Industry is a core one. From its formative days, the company has been at the forefront of South African Life Sciences, Biotechnology and BioPharma research by being a supplier that is able to satisfy the researchers’ holistic needs for their project requirements. From basic essential lab equipment needed in every laboratory to state of the art new technologies, we offer equipment, core competencies in application specialization and most importantly the know-how and means of supporting such technologies and equipment from a service engineering perspective. Our commitment to delivering the best support and servicing to our customers as our primary priority has always been our strength and our one discerning trait which has placed us apart from our competition.

Industrial Science

S ep Sci’s Industrial Sciences division caters for the analytical needs in the Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Forensics Sciences, Mining, Industrial Testing and Automation industries. With techniques and disciplines like Raman Spectroscopy, High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), specialized Gas Analysis systems and Automation workflow systems, we Are focused on specific Segments of the market. We aim to fulfill our customers’ requirements in the following segments: Forensics, Mining/Geology , Agricultural/Environmental , Food & Beverage, Petrochemicals , Material Characterisation, Pharmacutical/Neutriceutical

At the Industrial Sciences Division, we strive for customer service excellence in everything we do.

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